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About BakerHicks

Britain’s most energy efficient school. A new system for cooling London’s busiest Tube Line. A world-class biomedical research laboratory. At BakerHicks, there’s rarely such thing as an ‘ordinary’ project. We provide an incredible range of specialist consultancy services to clients who demand exceptional results, often in challenging environments and under difficult conditions. And because organisations approach us for solutions to all kinds of problems, we employ all kinds of people – from Architects to Engineers, Project Managers to central support roles specialising in sectors including nuclear, power and transport.

Latest roles

‘The work we do is creative and challenging.’

Mark Dickson,
Managing Director, Process & Industry

‘I feel like I’ve grown up here.’

Nikki Wall,
Assistant Civil Engineer

‘One day I want to lead the team.’

Mark Dobinson,
Senior Electrical Engineer

‘I really believe in our training programmes.’

Kalpesh Patel,
Principal Engineer